What to Bring in a Casino

Visiting and playing in a casino is a very exhilirating and exciting experience. It can also become a tragic experience if you forgot to bring the smart essentials to make it through the tough times in a casino. Things like an identification card, club cards, and a game plan are essential if you want to leave the casino with a smile.

The very first item you should always remember when planning to visit a casino would be to come with a game plan. By having a game plan in advance you are already miles ahead of the player who only came to a casino with pockets full of money.

Part of that plan is knowing which table or machine to play on. You should also think about how much you're willing to bet and how much money you're going to use. You should've planned what minimum you'll be playing on.

Another thing you shoudl remember to bring you on your trip to a casino are your club cards. Casinos have what is called a player's club card. It can be used whenever you play table games or even when you play on slot machines. Whenever you play and use a club card you earn points/credits, rebates, rewards (e.g. free meals, tickets, etc.). Never miss out on the opportunity for a casino to reward you for your loyalty and patronage.

If ever you plan to play on video poker or blackjack don't ever forget to bring your strategy card. Since blackjack and video poker a bit of mathematical strategy you can use strategy cards to double check if you're making the right moves. Casinos allow players to bring their strategy cards along.

Before playing on a video poker machine make sure you understand its pay back. You should check the pay schedule to make sure. You don't want to play on a machine that you can't afford, or on one that you're not really comfortable playing.

Now, before everything really gets rowdy, keep in mind that you should bring emergency identification anywhere you go especially in a casino. We may never know when an emergency will strike and you don't want to be caught in one without a piece of identification on you. A card that bears your name, number, and othe pertinent personal information will help. If you can bring a piece of identification that has your emergency medical information the better.

After bringing all that don't forget to carry along your wits, your luck, and charm so you can be sure that you're ready for your next casino session.