Is Problem Gambling Similar With Substance Abuse?

When people hear the term "gambling," they usually perceived it to be something that is harmful to individuals as well as to the society. It is a common notion that gambling has negative effects on the behavior of gamblers. This perception may be affected by the increasing cases of problem gambling in the present time.

Problem gambling refers to the desire or an urge of individuals to engage in any gambling event even if they are not assured that they will increase their winnings and they may suffer financial troubles. Problem gambling is also considered by psychiatrists to be a psychological disorder. If the disorder is not treated, it may lead to other problems such as fraud and theft.

Psychologists and social analysts believe that the traits of people suffering from problem gambling are similar with those who are considered to be substance abusers. In addition, substance abuse is commonly associated with problem gambling. According to a study, almost half of people who are experiencing gambling addiction are also patients of substance abuse.

People who are addicted to gambling and who are considered to be patients of substance abuse are found to use the activities as a defense mechanism to escape from emotional pains and problems. Problem gamblers and substance abusers are also believed to experience intense cravings for betting and illegal drugs. In addition, the patients are both incapable of controlling themselves from being involved in gambling and substance abuse even if the activities may have adverse effects on them.

A study done by health experts found that people who experience gambling addiction or substance abuse are impulsive and are manifesting risk taking behavior. The research also found that these patients exhibit rebelliousness. Most teenagers who were diagnosed with gambling and substance abuse problems are found to be aggressive and are rebellious to the authorities.

The characteristics of patients with problem gambling and substance abuse are similar. People who are suffering from gambling addiction and substance abuse should be treated and be counseled by professionals who have deep knowledge with these psychological disorders. Problem gambling and substance abuse are serious psychological conditions. It is important that patients with these disorders seek medical help.

Problem gambling and substance abuse should be addressed by psychiatrists because it may lead to other serious problems that may threaten the stability of the society. Local and national officials should also support activities that prevent the proliferation of these conditions. If problem gambling and substance abuse cases continue to increase, other innocent people may also be affected.

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